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Cayuga Cup Stays With Yale

Ahsan Iqbal photo
Ahsan Iqbal photo

Bulldogs Easily Handle Cornell In All Five Races

It was a dominant morning for the Yale women's crew on a chilly Cayuga Lake Inlet. The Bulldogs' varsity eight easily retained the Cayuga Cup with a 30-second victory over Cornell. That was just one of five impressive victories for Yale, which rolled in its first Ivy League race of the spring.

The "closest" race was the second varsity four, and even that wasn't all that competitive as the Bulldogs won by nearly 15 seconds.

In the varsity eight, Yale finished with a time of 6:41.4, almost 30 seconds faster than Cornell, who crossed the line in 7:10.4. It is the fifth straight year the Bulldogs have won the Cayuga Cup.

Yale captured the second varsity eight comfortably as well with a nearly 15-second margin (6:50.1 to 7:14.5).

In the varsity four, the Bulldogs cruised to a nearly 22-second victory with a time of 7:42.1 to Cornell's 8:04.4.

Yale's third varsity eight remained undefeated with a nearly 24-second victory. The Bulldogs finished in 7:04.3.

Yale's second varsity four had a time of 7:55.4.

"We raced well today top to bottom," said Will Porter, The Friends of YWC Head Coach of the Bulldogs. "We still have to sort out our lineups and keep getting faster."

Yale has its first home race next Saturday, facing Dartmouth and Penn at Gilder Boathouse. The Bulldogs then host Columbia on Sunday.


Varsity Eight:                                                                                                                 

Bow – Amy Warner (Jr., East London, South Africa)        
2 – Julia Sesler (Jr., Bronxville, New York)                
3 – Kate O'Brien (Sr., Clare, Ireland)            
4 – Alison Nordell (Jr., Gates Mills, Ohio)
5 – Ella von der Schulenburg (Fr., Zurich, Switzerland)
6 – Daisy Mazzio-Manson (Fr., Wellesley, Massachusetts)          
7 – Marybeth Swords (Jr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Stroke – Lily Lindsay (Jr., Harrison, New York)                  
Coxswain – Sara Lee (Sr., Charlotte, North Carolina)         

Second Varsity Eight:

Bow – Schuyler Ritchie (London, England)                      
2 – Victoire Lienau (So., Paris, France)
3 – Olivia Maclean (Sr., Harvard, Massachusetts)
4 – Arwen Neski (So., Ashley Falls, Massachusetts)
5 – Margaret Saunders (Fr., Arlington, Virginia)
6 – Meg Galloway (Jr., Ridgefield, Connecticut)
7 – Sophie Deans (Jr., Sydney Australia)
Stroke – Lydia Keating (Sr., Brookline, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Anisa Iqbal (Sr., Brookline, Massachusetts)

Varsity Four:

Bow - Emily Patton (Sr., Guilford, Connecticut)        
2 - Kate Flanders (Jr., Sarasota, Florida)                    
3 - Sera Bulbul (So., Geneva, Switzerland)              
Stroke - Kate Horvat – (Jr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)                
Coxswain - Jessica Michaels (Bangkok, Thailand)                 

Second Varsity Four:

Bow - Lane Unsworth (So., San Francisco, California)            
2 - Hannah Knight (So., Weston, Massachusetts)            
3 - Casey Wizner (Sr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan)          
Stroke - Sara Locke (Sr., Chertsey, United Kingdom)
Coxswain - Hannah Malzahn (So., Edmond, Oklahoma)

Third Varsity Eight:

Bow – Anna Heckler (Jr., Colts Neck, New Jersey)
2 - Adoracion Guzman (Fr., Sevilla, Spain)
3 – Margaux Paradis (Fr., San Francisco, California)
4 – Claire Grundig (Fr., San Carlos, California)
5 – Alexia Rojas (Fr., Tampa, Florida)
6 – Elizabeth Duserick (Fr., Arlington, Massachusetts)
7 – Hannah Smith (Fr., Long Beach, California)
Stroke – Katie Gleason (Fr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Joyce Duan (Fr., Fairfax, Virginia)

Report filed by Tim Bennett (, Yale Sports Publicity