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Second Varsity Eight, Varsity Four Stay Hot

The varsity four cruised to a nine-second victory (Ahsan Iqbal photo)
The varsity four cruised to a nine-second victory (Ahsan Iqbal photo)

Bulldogs Earn Four Victories Vs. Iowa, Princeton

Yale got very strong performances from its second varsity eight and varsity four in a showdown with Iowa and Princeton. Both crews were victorious as the Bulldogs won four of five races on a gorgeous morning on Lake Carnegie.

In the varsity eight, Iowa of the Big Ten outdueled both its Ivy League opponents. Princeton retained the Eisenberg Cup by finishing ahead of the Bulldogs.

"We were one [win] away from sweeping the regatta," said Will Porter, The Friends of YWC Head Coach of the Bulldogs. "Unfortunately, it's the most important race of the day. I was disappointed in the way our varsity raced. Our lower boats did great. Our 1V underperformed."

Yale's varsity four was dominant. The Bulldogs finished in 7:10.4, nearly nine seconds faster than second-place Princeton (7:19.3). Iowa (7:27.9) was a distant third.

The second varsity eight had to work a little harder. Yale finished less than a second ahead of Iowa. The Bulldogs had a time of 6:20.4, while the Hawkeyes came in at 6:21.0, 10 seconds faster than third-place Princeton (6:31.0).

Iowa's varsity eight, which was coming off a big win over Michigan last week, rowed another strong race, finishing nearly three seconds ahead of Princeton with a time of 6:10.8. The Tigers crossed the line in 6:13.5, while Yale came in at 6:17.1.

Yale's third varsity eight cruised to a 14-second win over Princeton with a time of 6:41.9.

Yale's second varsity four had a narrow victory over the Tigers 7:14.5 to 7:15.2.

The Bulldogs entered the day ranked sixth in the nation, while Princeton was No. 4 and Iowa No. 11

After spending the first month of the season on the road, the Bulldogs will finally row on their home course at the Gilder Boathouse when they race Radcliffe-Harvard and Northeastern next Saturday.


Varsity Eight:                                                                                                               

Bow – Amy Warner (Sr., East London, South Africa)
2 – Alison Nordell (Sr., Gates Mills, Ohio)
3 – Arwen Neski (Jr., Ashley Falls, Massachusetts)
4 – Julia Sesler (Sr., Bronxville, New York)
5 – Ella von der Schulenburg (So., Zurich, Switzerland)
6 – Daisy Mazzio-Manson (So., Wellesley, Massachusetts)
7 – Marybeth Swords (Sr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Stroke – Lily Lindsay (Sr., Harrison, New York)
Coxswain – Hannah Malzahn (Jr., Edmond, Oklahoma)

Second Varsity Eight:

Bow – Victoire Lienau (Jr., Paris, France)
2 – Claire Grundig (So., San Carlos, Calif.)
3 – Meg Galloway (Sr., Ridgefield, Connecticut)
4 – Sophie Deans (Sr., Sydney Australia)
5 – Kate Flanders (Sr., Sarasota, Florida)
6 – Margaret Saunders (So., Arlington, Virginia)
7 – Kate Horvat (Sr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Stroke – Katie King-Smith (Fy., Oxford, United Kingdom)
Coxswain – Aparajita Chauhan (Fy., Seattle, Wash.)                               

Varsity Four:

Bow - Sera Bulbul (Jr., Geneva, Switzerland)
2 – Katie Gleason (So., Sudbury, Mass.)
3 –  Margaux Paradis (So., San Francisco, California)
Stroke - Claire Dirks (Fy., Toronto, Ontario)
Coxswain – Anisa Iqbal (Jr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)   

Second Varsity Four:

Bow – Riley Eversole (Fy., Oakland, Calif.)
2 – Jenna van de Grift (Fy., San Diego, Calif.)
3 – Grace Galloway (Fy., Sydney Australia)
Stroke – Hannah Knight (Jr., Weston, Mass.)
Coxswain – Alisha Dziarski (Jr., Chesterton, Ind.)

Third Varsity Eight:                                                                                                 

Bow –  Lillie Ketterson (Fy., Boston, Mass.)
2 – Anna Heckler (Sr., Colts Neck, N.J.)
3 – Elizabeth Duserick (So., Arlington, Massachusetts)
4 – Hannah Smith (So., Long Beach, Calif.)
5 – Elizabeth Cooper (Fy., Melbourne, Australia)
6 – Tessa Mapplebeck (Fy., Sydney Australia)
7 – Lane Unsworth (Jr., San Francisco, Calif.)
Stroke –  Alexia Rojas (So., Tampa, Florida)
Coxswain – Hannah Yi (Fy., Sherman Oaks, Calif.)

Report filed by Tim Bennett (, Yale Sports Publicity