Elis Capture Cayuga Cup

Elis Capture Cayuga Cup

April 2, 2005

The Yale first and second varsity boats took care of business on the Housatonic River Friday afternoon, defeating Syracuse and Cornell for the Cayuga Cup.

In first varsity, the Elis posted a time of 6:03.9, nearly four seconds better than second place Syracuse, the No. 18 team in the country. In the second varsity boat, the Bulldogs topped Cornell by an even greater margin.

"I was very pleased with the way the varsity and second varsity raced this week," Yale Head Coach Will Porter said. "It was a good to race well against nationally ranked opponents."

In the varsity four, Yale also finished first, crushing the competition as the Big Red finished in second 21 seconds later. Yale fared less well in the novice races, finishing second in both first and second novice.


Varsity Eight
Yale: 6:03.9
Syracuse: 6:07.6
Cornell: 6:19.9

2nd Varsity Eight
Yale: 6:20.9
Cornell: 6:26.8
Syracuse: 6:42.0

Varsity Four
Yale: 7:05.8
Cornell: 7:26.8
Syracuse: 7:30.5

Novice 8:
Cornell: 6:19.3
Yale: 6:21.7
Syracuse: 6:26.6

2 Novice 4
Cornell: 7:40.6
Yale (2N/3V): 7:56.2
Syracuse: 8:05.5

Report filed by Sean Singer '06, Yale Sports Publicity