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Elis Extend Perfect Record at Yale Class of 1985 Cup

Elis Extend Perfect Record at Yale Class of 1985 Cup

April 10, 2004

Yale's Varsity and 2nd Varsity boats extended their undefeated record to 6-0 at the Class of 1985 Cup, held in Hanover, NH against Dartmouth and Boston University. The Elis won all events they competed in except the Novice Eight.

In the Varsity Eight race, Yale rowed to a 6:46 finish, while BU finished second with a time of 6:50.8 and Dartmouth came in at 7:03.6. In the Second Varsity Race the standings were the same, with Yale in first (7:26.9) and BU and Dartmouth following suit (7:40.2 and 7:54.3, respectively). The wins gave these two crews 6-0 records.

The Varsity Four won in a time of 7:29.6, while BU finished in 7:38.4 and Dartmouth came in at 7:53.8.

In the Novice Eight, Yale's record dropped to 2-4 with a third place finish. BU won that event with a time of 7:02.3, while Dartmouth was second in 7:06.4, followed by Yale in 7:14.7.

The Elis also won the 3v4 B race, earning a time of 7:58.8 to Dartmouth's 8:30.1.

Yale's next stop will be New Jersey, where the Bulldogs will take on the Tigers next weekend.