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Bulldogs Win Princeton Chase

Bulldogs Win Princeton Chase

Oct. 26, 2008

Complete Results

PRINECTON, N.J. - The Yale women's crew team came away from the Princeton Chase victorious on Sunday afternoon. The Bulldogs won the varsity eight event, with their boats coming in first, second and 13th place. The novice eight also came home with a victory, winning the novice 8+ event.

The varsity eight started first out of 43 boats and never looked back. They finished the race in a time of 15:12.853, which included 20 seconds of penalties due to buoy infractions. Without the penalties, they were 20.39 seconds faster than any other crew in the event, with a raw time of 14:52.853. They were the only boat to break 15 minutes with their raw time. The boat that they finished 20 seconds ahead of was their own second varsity eight. The Yale "B" boat finished with a time of 15:13.243. They were 4.956 seconds ahead of Princeton's varsity eight. Yale's third varsity eight finished in 13th place with a time of 15:55.749. They also were charged with a buoy penalty, which added 10 seconds to their time. They would have finished in 11th without the penalty.

After 28 years of novices racing separately at an event called the Belly of the Carnegie, the regatta committee decided to combine the races and make novice 8+ events part of the Princeton Chase. The Bulldogs had no trouble with the transition, however, as the novice eight took first place in the event, beating Virginia by 31.53 seconds. Yale finished the course in a time of 16:07.451. Coming in third was Brown with a time of 16:40.667.

"It was a good day of racing," said head Coach Will Porter. "Now that we are done with the fall racing season, we can turn our attention to our fitness. We'll take our Ivy League rest days and then get to work on increasing our fitness level, so we can come into the spring as fit and as strong as possible."

The Bulldogs may be done racing other schools, but there is one more event left on their fall calendar. This Thursday, the team will hold their annual Halloween race. The team splits up into their respective graduating classes, and each class comes up with a costume theme that they will wear during a race down the Housatonic.

Report filed by Charles Moore '10, Yale Sports Publicity