Bulldogs Take Princeton Chase

Bulldogs Take Princeton Chase

Oct. 28, 2007

PRINCETON, N.J. - In the last event of the fall season, the Bulldogs' 1V won the Princeton Chase in Princeton, N.J. Sunday, outpacing two boats from the University of Virginia. The Yale 2V also raced well, ending up in seventh, while the Blue's 3V and 4V claimed 16th and 28th respectively.

With a winter of training ahead, the 1V of Taylor Ritzel (stroke), Jamie Redman (seven), Tess Gerrand (six), Catherine Hart (five), Alice Henly (four), Maren McCrea (three), Caroline Nash (two), Christine Glandorf (bow) and Berkley Adrio (cox) recorded a time of 14:28.953. The Virginia 1V clocked in at 14:33.974, with the Cavaliers' 2V ending in 14:44.437.

The victory was an improvement for the Bulldogs, who took second at the regatta in 2006 and claimed fourth at last weekend's Head of the Charles.

"I think we improved a little bit this week from last week," Head Coach Will Porter said. "We are continuing to work on the basic movements of our stroke."

The 2V of Jennie Hansen (stroke), Rebecca Nadal (seven), Stephanie Madner (six), Christina Person (five), Suzanne Salgado (four), Alexandra Thompson (three), Christine Glandorf (two), Karrin Weisenthal (bow) and Mia Kanak (cox) notched a time of 15:02.063.

The 3V of Katherine Adams (stroke), Amanda Grady (seven), Katherine Kazimer (six), Melissa King (five), Allix Wilde (four), Margaret Sullivan (three), Milica Vujovic (two), Ryan McCarthy (bow) and Erin Haber (cox) finished in 15:32.099, while the 4V crossed in 16:03.250.

"Now it's time to work hard through the winter to see if we can do well this spring. This is certainly a good start to our season," concluded Porter.

The Bulldogs will begin the spring season versus Penn and Columbia on Mar. 29.

Report filed by Nicholas Thorne '08, Yale Sports Publicity