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Yale is 100 Percent at Connell Cup

Yale is 100 Percent at Connell Cup

March 26, 2006

PELHAM, N.Y. - In its first race of the 2006 season, the Yale women's crew team dominated the competition at the Connell Cup. The Bulldogs, racing against crews from Columbia and Penn, won every race they entered.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Yale's performance Sunday was the comfort with which all its boats rowed to victory. In the five different races the Bulldogs entered, they won all but one by a margin of 10 seconds or more.

Yale has now won the Connell Cup in six times in the last seven years. This year's win at Columbia's Orchard Bay Lagoon site follows a victory in home waters in 2005, when the Bulldogs defeated the Lions and the Quakers at Gilder Boathouse.

Next weekend, the Bulldogs will head to upstate New York to face Syracuse and Cornell in the Cayuga Cup. For the second consecutive week, Yale will defend one of its many titles from an illustrious 2005 season.

Complete Results

Varsity 8
1. Yale: 6:50.9
2. Columbia: 7:00.4
3. Penn: 7:08.3

2nd Varsity 8
1. Yale: 7:00.2
2. Columbia: 7:13.6
3. Penn: 7:14.5

Novice 8
1. Yale: 7:18.4
2. Columbia 7:29.5

Novice 4
1. Penn: 8:07
2. Columbia: 8:16.9

Varsity 4a
1. Yale: 7:57.2
2. Penn: 8:07.4
3. Columbia: 8:16.8

Varsity 4b
1. Yale: 8:09.9
2. Penn: 8:14.4
3. Columbia: 8:31.2

Report filed by Jamie Cordes '07, Yale Sports Publicity