Yale Downs Sacred Heart and Drew

Yale Downs Sacred Heart and Drew

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Yale fencers wrapped up their last home meet of the season with two wins against Sacred Heart and Drew. From here, the team heads into Ivy competition.

Captain Rebecca Moss was excited about the team’s last home meet.

“It was great to have an awesome home crowd cheering for us,” she said. “The balcony was packed and it got pretty loud at times. 

The team opened up with a 16-11 win against Sacred Heart. Moss had this to say about the epee squad’s performance:

“I started us off against Sacred Heart with what turned out to b e one of my worst bouts of the day. Despite that early loss, the epee squad picked it up and finish hard. Freshman Maddy Buxton went undefeated for the day. She fenced very smart and kept her cool during any close bouts. Tasha Garcia had one loss with Scared Heart bringing us to a 9-2 victory.”

Against Drew the team went 21-6. The women's foil squad led the team with a 9-0 shutout. After grabbing 14 victories fairly quickly, the team took advantage of the opportunity to put in a number of subs, including Andrea Feuer (sabre) and Kate Szigety (epee). Epee and sabre both went 6-3.

“We enjoyed having a home crowd, which always helps us to get pumped up and enthusiastic, even against teams that aren't at the top of their leagues,” said senior Jennifer Ivers. 

She added the following about what will be pushing the team in upcoming Ivy matches:

“I have been noticing throughout the season that one of our strengths as a team is our reliance on each other for advice and support. While many other teams depend on individual all-stars for good results, much of our team's strength comes from working with one another by calling strategic timeouts, giving effective advice, and taking the time to understand each others' abilities and needs. I think this team-oriented attitude will help us toward a good finish in the Ivy League this season.” 

Ivy play begins on Feb. 21.