Two Bulldogs Qualify for NCAA Nationals

Katharine Pitt. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Katharine Pitt. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

PROVIDENCE, R.I.- Out of the eight fencers Yale sent to Regionals this Sunday, two—Freshman saberist Madeline Oliver and sophomore foilist Katharine Pitt—will head to NCAA Nationals in Cambridge, Mass. Two more—epeeists Madeline Buxton and Tasha Garcia—received wild-card spots and may still be able to qualify. The collegiate head coaches in the region will vote to determine which at-large selection fencers will fill the final spots.

Sophomore Katherine Pitt finished fifth overall in foil to claim her second ticket to Nationals. Pitt also finished fifth at last year’s regional competition to move on to the 2009 NCAA Championship and finish eighth in the nation in foil.

Captain Rebecca Moss spoke highly of Pitt’s performance:

“She made All-American last year and I look forward to seeing another outstanding performance from her this year,” she said.

Freshman Madeline Oliver booked her first trip to Nationals by taking sixth in sabre.

“Oliver had a terrific performance leading her squad as a freshman,” said Moss. “She is so driven and competitive and it really showed during close bouts.”

Both Madeline Buxton and Tasha Garcia are at large epee selections for the region, meaning there is a possibility that one or both could be selected to go to Nationals based on their merit. They finished tenth and ninth, respectively.

Senior Jennifer Ivers remarked, “Watching Oliver and Pitt fence was inspiring, and knowing that Garcia still has a chance to compete is incredible because she has advanced in fencing purely because of her hard work and dedication after coming to the team as a new fencer.”

Moss, Ivers, Katherine Arden and Zoe Egelman missed qualification.

The NCAA Championship will take place the Mar. 25-26 weekend. Harvard will host the competition.

Full results of the pools and complete final results can be found here. Note: they are results of the day’s events alone. They do no reflect the final qualification rankings cited above, based 60% on the day’s performance and 40% on the rest of the season’s.

UPDATE: Madeline Buxton has qualified for Nationals with her at-large bid.

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity.