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Bulldogs Earn Third Place and Several Individual All-Ivy Recognitions

Bulldogs Earn Third Place and Several Individual All-Ivy Recognitions

NEW HAVEN, Conn. The Bulldogs finished their second day of competition in the Ivy League Fencing Round-Robins with a 2-0 winning record, defeating Penn and Brown for an overall record of 3-3 for the tournament. Their overall record place Yale in a three-way tie with harvard and Penn for third place..

The foil squad met with unrivaled success, with all three starters earning All-Ivy recognition. Sophomore Camille Pham earned First-Team All Ivy; her 13-3 record earned her third place in the rankings. Senior captain Sarah Pak finished with a 12-4 record, winning three quarters of her bouts to earn fourth place and Second-Team All Ivy recognition. Junior manager Anna Zhou came in fifth place with an 11-5 record, also earning Second-Team All Ivy. First-year walk-on Grace Baghdadi went undefeated, yet did not fence enough bouts to qualify for the rankings.

Other individual results, calculated by proportion of bouts won, were mixed. Sophomore squad captain Lauren Kim, junior Samantha Wood, and sophomore Yoanna Lazarova earned 15th, 17th, and 19th place respectively. In epee, first-year Shirley Wang, junior Michelle Nam, and first-year Joy Ma earned seventh, eighth, and 13th place respectively. Senior Lucy Friedmann won six bouts, taking only a single defeat, for a proportion of .857, a number high enough to have earned her second place had she fenced enough bouts to make the rankings. Her results mark an impressive finish to her last Ivy League tournament.

Full rankings can be found here. The overarching website for the event, which is managed by the Ivy League, is linked here. Stay tuned for a full recap breaking down each lineup, all the statistics, and the thrilling details of key bouts.

Preliminary report by Jacqueline Hayre-Pérez '21, Yale Sports Publicity