Duke, Harvard and Princeton top Bulldogs

Feb. 21, 2004

Princeton, NJ - Yale lost three matches at Princeton, falling to the Tigers 17-10, Harvard 20-7 and Duke 19-8. Against Princeton, Yale won epee 6-3 but lost 6-3 in foil and 8-1 in sabre. Zane Selkirk won all three of her bouts in epee. Against Harvard, Yale lost epee 5-4, foil 8-1 and sabre 7-2. Against Duke, with many substitutions as Yale saved its fencers for Harvard and Princeton, the Elis fell 19-8. They lost epee 6-3, foil 5-4 and sabre 8-1. Erica Korb won all three of her bouts in epee.

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