Yale Beats Cornell, Falls to Princeton and Pennsylvania

Yale Beats Cornell, Falls to Princeton and Pennsylvania

Feb. 22, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Part II of the Ivy League Fencing Round-Robins (formerly known as the "North" Championship) took place today at the Joseph Olney-Moe Margolies Athletic Center on the campus of Brown University in Providence, R.I. Yale's fencers came away with a win against Cornell, but fell to Princeton and Pennsylvania.

"We were very excited to defeat Cornell this year," said sabreist Katherine Arden.

"This year we came 5th in the Ivy League, which was an improvement from last year. Princeton was a close match, and we were disappointed that we couldn't win a couple more bouts," she added. Last year, the Bulldogs finished in last place with a 0-6 Ivy record.

"I am very proud of the team spirit we demonstrated today," added captain Lidia Gocheva.

Yale's first fencing in Providence was a hard-fought battle with Princeton. The sabre squad won 5-4. The opponents of Farrah Kimovec struggled to hit her as she kept good distance and took sweeping parries to the head. She ended up winning two of her three bouts. The foil squad fought valiantly against tough Princeton fencers, and was able to pick up two victories. After a disappointing weapon malfunction cost her her first bout, Rebecca Moss defeated two opponents in the epee. The epee squad lost to Princeton 5-4.


SABRE: Yale, 5-4: Katherine Arden 2-1, Jennifer Ivers 1-2, Farrah Kimovec 2-1

FOIL: Princeton, 7-2: Katharine Pitt 1-2, Valeria Makeeva 0-3, Lidia Gocheva 1-2

EPEE: Princeton, 5-4: Rebecca Moss 2-1, Abigail Fraeman 1-2, Tasha Garcia 1-2

The sabre squad did particularly well against Cornell, not only individually but as a unit. Jennifer Ivers went undefeated due to her excellent timing and command of her opponent's blade. The squad lost its first two bouts, but then was able to give each other the advice needed to win the next seven bouts in a row.

The freshmen of the foil squad (Katherine Pitt, Valeria Makeeva and Jillian Liu) gave the team the three needed victories, and pulling through for the team in their first Ivy Championship.

Kristin Saetveit of the Epee squad was a point away from winning all three bouts. As a whole, the squad delivered the four needed victories to top Cornell.


SABRE: Yale, 7-2: Katherine Arden 2-1, Farrah Kimovec 2-1, Jennifer Ivers 3-0

FOIL: Cornell, 6-3: Katharine Pitt 1-2, Lidia Gocheva 0-3, Jillian Liu 1-1, Valeria Makeeva 1-0

EPEE: Cornell, 5-4: Rebecca Moss 1-2, Kristin Saetveit 2-1, Abigail Fraeman 1-2

Pennsylvania was challenging and frustrating to fence, but Rebecca Moss won two bouts, and Arden, Ivers, Pitt, Fraeman one a piece.


SABRE: Penn, 7-2: Katherine Arden 1-2, Jennifer Ivers 1-2, Farrah Kimovec 0-3.

FOIL: Penn, 8-1: Katharine Pitt 1-2, Valeria Makeeva 0-3, Jillian Liu 0-3.

EPEE: Penn, 6-3: Rebecca Moss 2-1, Abigail Fraeman 1-2, Kristin Saetveit 0-1, Tasha Garcia 0-2.

Harvard finished the Ivy Championships with a perfect record to claim the programs third Ivy title. For more statistics and commentary, visit the Ivy League's fencing blog.

Yale will next compete at the IFA Championships, scheduled for Feb. 28 in Waltham, Mass. Action will get underway at 8:30 a.m.

Report filed by Dominique Fenton '10, Yale Sports Publicity