Argentina Journal: Day One

Argentina Journal: Day One

March 7, 2008

BUENOS AIRES - Friday morning was filled with excitement. We awoke early to get our final lift and workout in before departing for Argentina. To start the morning off, the seniors greeted us at the squash courts with our traditional YFH "soulja-boy" dance. Then it was back to our rooms for last-minute packing, class and turning in of papers. After a quick lunch, we met at the gym to depart for Argentina ... the time had FINALLY come. On the bus ride, the sleeping began ... a trend that would continue for the next 24 hours. We arrived at JFK and had a smooth check in. With great anticipation, we wandered the terminal looking for last-minute American food... which turned out to be "Wok and Roll." Unfortunately, our waiting was not over. Our flight was delayed nearly three hours ... but that just meant we had more time to sleep so we didn't mind.

Our flight from JFK to Sao Paulo, Brazil, was long, but smooth. To pass the time we enjoyed watching our individual TV's, chatting and dining on airline food. We flew TMA Airlines, which also gave us our first taste of the language barriers we'd encounter as most of the flight attendants only spoke Portuguese. As a result, Laura ordered peach and mango juice while Beth thought that one of the options for dinner was "beets", not beef. When we awoke in the morning, we were excited to see our first sights of South America and as we walked through the catwalk into the airport, we were thrilled to feel the warmth of the Brazilian air.

Soon we were back in airplane seats on our final flight to Buenos Aires. Again, sleeping was our activity of choice, but that made the flight go by quickly. We were amazed at how flat and wide the cityscape was as we approached our destination and we hurried off the plane in anticipation of the week that lay ahead!