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Argentina Journal: Day Three

Argentina Journal: Day Three

March 9, 2008

BUENOS AIRES - On Saturday night, Pam told us to meet downstairs in the lobby at 8:00 AM to go for a run along the water. Some of our teammates who are taking an astronomy class this semester proudly displayed their knowledge from the course and instructed us to turn forward our clocks because Argentina is the only South American country with daylight savings time. This is the story of Day Three:

6:45 AM: Wake up to a pitch black sky and head down to the lobby only to discover that, yes, Argentina does have daylight savings, but it is in December, not March. Five intelligent players checked the time on the television or their phone, which had shockingly not changed, and went back to sleep. Despite the fact that we saw some locals still walking home from their Saturday nights, we woke up the sleeping ones and decided to get a head start on our day.

7:15 AM: Team run at the port. We saw the sun rise over the water and headed back for breakfast at the hotel.

10:00 AM: Started our bus tour of Buenos Aires. We saw the Pink House, the Mayor's Square, different neighborhoods in the city, the Woman's Bridge, and ended at the National Cemetery, where we saw Evita's grave and many other intricate mausoleums.

1:00 PM: Went to a market that locals hold on the weekends. We walked around, shopped and got lunch on our own.

2:00 PM: Walked back to the hotel. We met a stray dog, Charlie/Guido, who led us back to Florida Street, one of the main shopping districts in Buenos Aires, and a few blocks from our hotel. On the walk we saw old mansions that had been turned into embassies as well as lots of different neighborhoods.

3:00 PM: Leave the hotel for the Boca Juniors soccer match.

4:00 PM: Arrived at the stadium that was already bustling with cheering fans, an hour before the game.

5:00 PM: Boca Juniors vs. Independiente soccer match. The stadium was filled to capacity with about 60,000 fans. Some of us, who do not know a word of Spanish, found ourselves joining in on the cheers with the rowdy crowd. The game was amazing to watch and everyone was disappointed when it ended in at tie at 1-1. As if the game was not entertaining enough on its own, we were surrounded by the local fans, who showed various displays of excitement throughout the game, such as simultaneously jumping and cheering. One Independiente fan sitting near us even decided to moon the Boca Juniors fans. It was funny to see the security guards lining the section between the two teams' fans, which was left empty to avoid problems between the passionate fans.

8:00 PM: Went to a pizzeria for dinner.

10:00 PM: Ended our already amazing day with a tango and singing show at the Centro de Arte.

We had an absolutely amazing day that was packed from start to end, and we don't know how we would have done it without that extra hour!