Yale Field Hockey Argentina Journal: Wrapup

Yale Field Hockey Argentina Journal: Wrapup

March 15, 2008

BUENOS AIRES - YFH 08 donned its Yale gear one last time on its trip to Argentina. As the sun set we hustled in a ten minute warm up and took the field. This was the last game of our field hockey careers. This was certainly an end and yet it was also a new beginning. Indeed it was clear to the senior class that this team had already become something more than it was last fall.

While it was hard at first to hear the starting line up absent of our names, we felt entirely confident in handing over our leadership roles. This week we saw freshmen step up like veterans; relaxed and smiling players welcome the opportunity to fall on their faces to pull off a reverse chip; Ali Rotondo's new and composed captainship; Julia Weiser's voice commanding the backfield with the confidence of an upperclassman. Not only had the team transformed through its early spring workouts, but it had soaked up all the lessons and opportunities Argentina had offered: the passion of number 12 on the Boca Juniors, the playfulness of the interns at the Community Center, and certainly the poised passing game of the first club match we saw just hours after getting off the plane.

The experiences we shared in Argentina reminded us once again of why we chose to play for Yale. Over the past four years it has been a privilege to share the field with such intelligent, committed and spirited teammates. To have the opportunity to travel with this group was a perfect way to end our college hockey careers and we will always hold the images of YFH in Argentina close to our hearts. In these memories we are able to see one thing most clearly: We play for coaches who are undoubtedly determined to make us both better players and individuals. The lessons we have learned from them and the generosity they have shown us are beyond our ability to thank. It has been a pleasure to play under their leadership and guidance. We are forever indebted.