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Team Diary - Kate Crandall

Team Diary - Kate Crandall

March 25, 2004

On January 21, 2004, the Yale Field Hockey team began training for the fall season. With big goals in mind, we committed ourselves to take ACTION towards achieving these goals daily by never giving less than our best so that we have NO REGRETS come August. We resolved to TAKE RISKS-running harder than we thought we could, lifting more than we felt we were able, trying difficult moves on the field-knowing that if we faltered, we should PARK IT, move on, and try again.

With each successive run of the loop on unplowed roads and each session of four quarters, the team became a unified whole charging towards excellence. When individuals started at the beginning of February, each player began to sharpen her hockey skills through repetition and drills with the fall and game situations in mind.

Although our team is only 12 strong between the three classes, we certainly get it done. It has been so awesome to see everyone working so hard and improving so much over just 5 weeks. This was evidenced in our gauntlet testing just before spring break, where 6 people reached a personal record ("PR-ed") and the whole team ran under seven minute miles. I think achieving this goal now, in combination with hard work for the rest of the spring in runs, lifts, practices and tournament play, will set us up for great training results this summer.

Now, after being apart for 2 weeks and training individually on beaches and streets worldwide, we have returned to Yale to segue into the team phase, practicing twice a week and also running and lifting. Whether or not everyone is glad to be back at school, everyone is happy to be back training with the team. We are looking forward to our tournaments at Springfield and here at Yale later this month.

There is nothing more rewarding than being on a team that seizes each moment like this one-daily getting it done and having so much fun in the process. I can hardly wait to see this team compete next fall. Go, Y!