DEAR DIARY - Heather Orrico

DEAR DIARY - Heather Orrico

Sept. 22, 2003

Coming off a heartbreaking loss to Princeton last week, our team came back strong Tuesday after two days off, having three intense practices Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to prepare us for a challenging weekend. Friday morning we set out for UNH to face the Wildcats despite the threatening conditions of Hurricane Isabel. The ride went by fairly fast as most of the girls either slept or catched up on some work. As we arrived at UNH's turf, so did Hurricane Isabel. Our practice was interrupted by torrential downpour, but despite the weather we got our legs off the bus and moving to prepare us for the night's game.

As 7pm grew closer, the team was prepared to "Whoop the Wildcats." We came out flying in the first half scoring two quick goals, puzzling our opponents. They battled back scoring two goals as the half progressed. However, Yale's heart and desire prevailed despite their comeback, as we were in the scoring circle within seconds after they scored. We scored again before the half, ending it with a 3-2 edge. Despite our hard work and efforts, we lost 5-3.

Sunday afternoon we faced the Boston University Terriers. The Terriers came out strong, scoring a goal within the first few minutes of the game, and that was the last that they would see of the back of the cage. We worked hard the entire game to battle back, creating many scoring opportunities for ourselves, as well as adjusting our defense. We quickly learned in this game that the better defense we play, the more scoring opportunities will be created. With each minute played, our team fought even harder to battle back. Unfortunately, our shots did not go, and we ended up losing 1-0.

Although it was a rough weekend, our team definitely grew with each minute played, and perhaps we came out of this weekend a better team than we entered. We learned many new things that will prepare us as we enter into league games. We are excited to step back onto the field Tuesday afternoon to start preparing ourselves to beat Cornell on Saturday.