Team Diary - Stephanie Dolmat-Connell

Team Diary - Stephanie Dolmat-Connell

Sept. 29, 2003

What a weekend for Yale Field Hockey-we put two up in the W column, gaining an awesome 3-2 victory over Cornell on Saturday and coming back for more against Vermont on Sunday, dominating them with a 4-2 win. This weekend definitely demonstrated that Yale is a team to be reckoned with and that our Ivy League Champion dreams are one step closer to coming true.

The team went into this past week determined not to let our losses to top 20 programs get us down. Pam ran us hard on Tuesday with a good workout that got our legs moving fast. Wednesday through Friday in practice we polished up some skills, like transition defense, that had troubled us in the previous games. Obviously, our preparation translated into the wins this weekend.

Saturday morming we were back in the dining halls for our pre-game meals now that the strike, thankfully, is over (no more chants of "What do we want? CONTRACTS! When do we want them? NOW!" over and over and over all day long). Who would have thought that dining hall food might have helped us get the wins...too bad we can't go back to Educated Burger...In any case, we were ready for our second Ivy game.

In the first half of the game, Cornell came out strong and scored two unanswered goals. Little did they know what was coming. Howell scored off of a corner right before the first half ended, and then at the beginning of the second half, Hud scored off of another corner. Krissy made a ridiculously amazing save as a Cornell girl took her one-on-one; the poor Cornell girl never knew what hit her after Krissy was through with her. Fran then had an awesome third goal (total Bomb Squad action), batting the ball reverse stick up by her shoulders right by the goalie into the net. It was a beauty-one of those goals everyone wants to get at least once in their careers. We didn't let Cornell back into the game and so we WON. We rested up Saturday night while all of our friends stayed in and studied with us (sarcasm).

Sunday morning we were back in the dining hall, this time with a crossword Hud had brought. Creative solutions to puzzling clues abounded. For example, the clue for 1 Across (three letters) was "when doubled, a small African antelope." The Yale brainiacs Moe and Fran quickly racked their brains for the answer: clearly, it must be A-N-T, because when doubled, ANT + ANT is two ants and they elope. Antelope. Who let us into Yale??

Obviously our athletic skills were stronger than our academic skills today because we got another win against Vermont. It was utterly pouring as we walked out to the field, so we decided that the only way to make up for this misery was to kill Vermont. And that we did. Jana managed, in one single second, to get a rebound on her stick, shoot, miss, catch it from going out of bounds, shoot again and score. Lindsay scored the second goal in the second half, and then Trish and I got the third and fourth goals off of tips. We are all so excited about our wins-could this be the start of a new streak? Let's hope so-especially going into this week with UConn on Wednesday. Now it's time for me to go to bed because we have 8am lift tomorrow-I'll have sweet dreams of beating those UConn Huskies and of all those eloping antelopes.