Team Diary - Grace C. Morris

Team Diary - Grace C. Morris

Oct. 13, 2003

Finally OVER 500! This past week has been absolute craziness. Coming off of a wonderful weekend of rest, the entire team was ready to tackle the second half of our season. We've had some tough losses, some tough wins, and now we're ready to dominate. Shutting out Quinnipiac Wednesday 3-0 proved our dominating potential that has yet to be fully realized. Another two days of practice to prepare for Dartmouth, another fun game from Pam (who has already invented the team hit 'soki'-a wonderful hybrid of soccer and hockey) and we were ready to tackle this past weekend.

In one weekend, we entertained our parents and recruits, tailgated with alumni, improved our Ivy record to 2-1, won a double overtime game, and said goodbye to being 500 or below. On Saturday, the Big Green was ousted in football, men's soccer, and field hockey. Our game was 90+ minutes of intense play as we wondered what the officials would throw at us next-two goals called back, playing a man down in overtime, the team managed to overcome it all. In a beautiful passing pattern- Jana to Mere to Dris-Dris finished it all with what has come to be her signature shot.

We followed the game with an excessive feast in a tent outside the Bowl as we mingled with parents, friends, and alums. Some of us caught the end of the football game (a GREAT day in the Lamb household-Ainslee's husband coaches the QB's) and then we supported men's soccer in their victory. That night, campus was hopping with parent's weekend activities. Some of the team went to support Efree who's in New Blue, others went out to dinner with parents, and then we met up at Ashley's. Ashley's had a line around the block, so we all headed over to Yorkside where we shared milkshakes and ice cream scoops.

One down, one to go. We put the Dartmouth game away and started preparing for Bucknell during our Sunday morning team breakfast in Stiles. After a gorgeous Saturday, we were all slightly sad about the cold, rainy Sunday we rose to. Luckily, YFH is in no way a fair weather team-last year every game was in freezing rain, not to mention that alumni game (which I'm sure the alums must remember too!). We came out dominating and the scoreboard read 3-0 soon enough. To our disappointment, we allowed Bucknell to finish the half with a goal, bringing the score to 3-1. Coming out of half time, our goal was to dominate the entire game, and though we had control of most of the game, we were unable to finish it off. But hey, a win is a win, and we came off that game with clearly defined expectations for the remainder of the season: we don't want to just win games, we want, can, and need to dominate games.

And despite all that awful weather, to my surprise, we had quite a crowd. My entire family came up-(shout out to Coop, Court, and Liesl)-and some friends from JE-my esteemed college-made it out as well. After some long, hot showers, we tailgated with family again. Once back on campus, and with today off, the past 24 hours has been completely academic-midterms are just not fun. The off day has been nice, and the YDN had two great FH-related articles. Sports Monday featured both our game-with two big pictures of Rivy and Topper- and Amanda Walton, who on September 30th received the Eastern College Athletic Award of valor.

What a week! Now we prepare for Harvard, as we all know an Ivy Championship is on the line. To the parents and alumni: thank you so much for this past weekend. It was wonderful seeing all of you and we are forever indebted to your amazing support.