Team Diary - Marly Gillece

Team Diary - Marly Gillece

Nov. 10, 2003

You thought you knew, but you have no idea. Diary of Marly Gillece.

"We are on our way, Baby!". These infamous words were spoken by Katie Rivkin during our win against Holy Cross. Although our entire team has ridiculed Rivie for this comment to the point where I'm pretty sure she hasn't said anything on the sideline since, it has become quite a theme for our team. We have been on a roll, Baby, just as I in a Yale Daily News article predicted last week. When interviewed about our team's outlook for the Penn game, I explained that their winning streak wasn't intimidating because we were starting one of our very own. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; at the time we had lost to Harvard and then beaten Holy Cross. No worries, our team distributes insults evenly, the ladies poked fun at me as well.

After winning a strenuous game against Penn, ending their whack winning streak, and ruining their parents' weekend, we rested our exhausted bodies on Monday. But our team came out Tuesday ready to play. We knew we had to beat Columbia, and we worked hard in three intense practices to prepare mentally and physically for Friday. Now, if you are saying to yourself, "What were they worried about? Didn't they have look see at Columbia's 1 and 14 record?", then you don't know something fundamental about sports and the general desire to succeed. Teams with nothing to lose are most dangerous. Thankfully, we did not underestimate the Lions. We are very serious about our modified goal to finish in the top three of the Ivy League, and so we trained this week with respect for another league match. On Friday, we packed up the bus, grabbed some delicious pasta (our coaches feed us so well!), and headed down to the ghetto of New York.

Yale then dominated. After a few timid first minutes, we kicked our play into high gear. With five incredible goals from five unbelievable players, we romped all over Columbia in a true team effort. And, two very special players contributed to our win Friday. Sophomores (what, what?) Kate Crandall and Romi Yoshida both made their debuts. Both played with confidence gained from strong efforts to prepare for their opportunities. Cran-Dawgy also made her first save on a wonderfully played defensive corner. Against Columbia, we went over and above wanting to win, accomplishing our team goal to dominate games. With our win against Columbia, continuing our winning streak, I knew that we were on our way. We were on our way to making ECAC's, and we would find out the next day that we rose to be tied for second place in the Ivy League (because Dartmouth upset Harvard).

But for the time being, we were on our way home to New Haven to celebrate our big win Halloween night. Although there were too many great costumes to mention (excluding the frosh, who were all football players which was rather boring and unoriginal), I will say Driscoll (or Baby Girl if you will) was looking even more adorable than usual in her Betty Rubble costume. I also won't mention my disappointment in those who built up their costumes and then failed to impress (ahem, Crandall).

In other news, Ainslee is taking good care of her pulled hamstring muscle, and I think she is on her way to discovering the meaning of our offenses motto, T.O. Do you know what this sassy expression is about? Didn't think so. Peace. Mar-dawg