Team Diary - Fran Gardner

Team Diary - Fran Gardner

Dec. 5, 2003

In the past two weeks the Yale Field Hockey team has been very busy. We've finished the last of our seemingly endless midterms, celebrated a gorgeous Harvard-Yale weekend in shorts and t-shirts and most importantly...won our 2nd ECAC championship in two years! Now we're all home resting and recovering from the whirlwind weeks of non-stop excitement. For the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors this rest is only temporary as off-season training is just around the corner.

For us seniors, it's a different story. All six of us are grappling with this new idea of free time and voluntary exercise, and trying to figure out how we're going to stay active now that we can't do speed ladders with Pam or ball development with Ainslee. The "taller" portion of the senior clan has been exploring basketball in the Lanman Center, while I've stuck to find new places in New Haven to go running. The benefit of running the same training loop over and over again for three years is that New Haven's other routes seem new and exciting! Come Spring we're going to try to come out and scrimmage with the team at the night practices. Translation: You haven't gotten rid of us yet!

While the whole team is enjoying a much-needed break, there's also an enormous sense of anticipation for the upcoming year. Already the team is focused on the eternal question: what are we going to do to improve? As for the seniors, our new perpetual question has swiftly changed to: what are we going to do with ourselves next year?!? While it's sad to be leaving Yale Field Hockey, it's thrilling to see what it has become in just four years. In a week from Friday the new captain will be announced and the yearlong journey will start yet again. Thanks to everyone for your support of this team's goals! Lastly, to Sarah Driscoll, Marly Gillece, and Casey Littlefield, we all wish you GOOD LUCK in your lacrosse season!