Rompothong Honored with "From the Rough" Coach Award

Rompothong Honored with "From the Rough" Coach Award

Yale coach Chawwadee Rompothong '00 has been honored with the From the Rough Coach Award, given by Michael Critelli, Executive Producer of the film From the Rough, which is scheduled for release in February 2012. The award honors coaches who have selflessly given to others and acted as mentors, role models, and friends as they have invested time to help others succeed, like the film's main character Dr. Catana Starks. Starks  was the first black woman ever to coach a Division I men's college golf team, at Tennessee State University, a historically black college. 

Rompothong, who led the Bulldogs to Ivy League Championships in 2006 and 2011, won three Ivy titles as a Yale player from 1997-2000, began coaching in 2005. Like Starks, Rompothong has utilized creative recruiting (the Bulldogs' roster currently features players hailing from seven different states and one from India) to build Yale's into one of the top programs into the Ivy League and the region.

The award was officially given at a September 16th ceremony and film-screening at Dolby's Private Screening room in Manhattan. Rompothong's fellow invitees included Critelli and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

Below is the specific list of characteristics for which Rompothong was honored as identified by Critelli, in keeping with those traits displayed by Starks to inspiring success in the film.

1. Leverage limited resources- Innovate.

    Do more with less to achieve "stretch" goals.

2. Network like a global entrepreneur to gain access

    to a wide range of external resources for the team.

3. Anticipate the competition, respect their strategy,

    and reinvent dynamic game plans linked to team


4. Turn adversity to advantage- see the change,

    preserve & rapidly reframe situations.

5. Elevate the game with the team's unstoppable 

    passion & sense of purpose to overcome obstacles.

6. Earn credibility through the currency of trust.

    Strengthen the team with authentic concern

    for them, their multi-cultural backgrounds

    and win their commitment.

7. Be courageous to make the tough calls

     and consistently deliver candid feedback.

8. Go deep inside- Chase self-doubt away.

    Motivate the team through who they are

    versus who they are judged to be.

9. Listen to the team, understand the talent & what

    it will take to transform them into champions.

10. Resolve differences with interpersonal agility- 

    Save emotional energy for tackling the

    rough and tough stuff to stay in the game.

11.  Keep Focused on the Present-

     Reduce performance pressure andstress

     that can distract from the team's success.

12. Be accountable for decisions & remain resilient

    whether the decisions lead to triumph or defeat.


Report filed by Chelsea Janes '12, Yale Sports Publicity