Bulldogs Defeat Harvard in Match Play

Bulldogs Defeat Harvard in Match Play

May 2, 2008

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - The Yale women's golf team defeated this year's Ivy League Champion Harvard last Friday in what both schools hope will be a continuing tradition of season ending match play. The match, which took place at The Country Club, was won by Yale 3 & ½ to 2 & ½.

The winner of match play is the player who wins the most individual holes, as opposed to stroke play, where the total number of strokes over an entire round determines the winner. All of Yale's regular season tournaments are stroke play.

"We wanted to create a situation similar to other sports with the Harvard-Yale rivalry," said coach Chawwadee Rompothong. "It's nice to play a different format. Match play truly feels like a competition when you play against one another."

The Country Club was established in 1882 as the first country club in America. Located in Chestnut Hill, Mass., it is ranked as the #33 golf course in the world.

Report filed by Charles Moore `10, Yale Sports Publicity