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NCAA Golf Committee Visits Course at Yale

Dec. 11, 2003

Some members of the 2004 NCAA Men's Golf Championship Committee visited Yale last month to survey the Course at Yale and meet with members of the athletics staff. Yale will host the 2004 Men's Golf Eastern Regional in May.

Galen Hill, the NCAA Rules Chairman for the 2004 regionals, wrote the following memo to the Division I head coaches.

"As the Rules Chairman for 2004 NCAA East Regional I am sending this memo to select coaches that often make the Regional. My purpose is to dispel rumors and answer any concerns you may have over the conditions of the Yale University Golf Course. On Nov. 10-11, Mike Hermann from the NCAA Golf Committee, advisor Willie Miller, and I made our site visit to meet with the staff at Yale in preparation for the tournament. We were very pleased with both the condition of the golf course and the playing characteristics of this grand old venue. With the exception of several tees in shady areas, we could play the tournament now and I think everyone would be pleased. The tees in question will have new sod on them before we return. The fairways had plenty of cover and the greens were exceptionally good. There were some weak areas that should not be in play (such as approaches to cart paths) and some drainage work to be done, but a plan is in place to improve those areas. The most important finding during the visit was the positive attitude of the staff. They are looking forward to the tournament and are anxious to make it a successful event. They acknowledge there were problems, but as soon as the administration was in a position to turn things around they did so. They brought in a very qualified superintendent to join a golf staff that was already very professional. Not only will you find a very good golf course at Yale, you will also enjoy meeting and experiencing the hospitality of your host."

by Steve Conn, Assistant Athletic Director/Director of Sports Publicity