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Mandi Schwartz Update: Q+A with Rick Schwartz, Mandi's Father

Mandi Schwartz. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Mandi Schwartz. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

Yale hockey center Mandi Schwartz, her parents Carol and Rick, and her fiancée Kaylem Prefontaine have been in Seattle since last week in preparation for a cord blood transplant to treat her leukemia. The procedure will take place at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, which partners with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, a pre-eminent institution for treating hematologic malignancies. Mandi's father recently provided this update for all those concerned about her health.

1)   How is Mandi doing?

 Mandi is doing fine.  She has been undergoing pre-tests for the transplant and we are participating in some educational seminars.  Her health is good and she is continuing to work on some strengthening to ensure she is in good condition for the transplant.  Her transplant team of professionals has done a great job ensuring she is comfortable with and knowledgeable about the upcoming transplant.


2)   How can any of us best help her, and/or her family, right now?

Cord blood donations and bone marrow registration still remain our family's top priorities.  Education and awareness about the world-wide need for donors benefits not just us but all patients in need of a transplant and there are many such patients.


3)   When is Mandi's cord blood transplant scheduled?

We're scheduled for August 26. [Editor's note: the date has since been changed to August 27]


4)   Anything else you'd like to share at this point?

 Right now we are very happy with our temporary home in Seattle.  We'd like to thank everyone for all of their support, and remind everyone to please continue to support cord blood donation and bone marrow donor testing to help patients in need.


For more information about Mandi and how you can help, updates will be posted here: