No. 1 Bulldogs Stripped of a Win by the Weather

No. 1 Bulldogs Stripped of a Win by the Weather

Zero Racing On Sunday Prevents Connecticut College From Completing An Official Regatta

NEW HAVEN, Conn – It was another one of those weekends for the No. 1 Yale women's sailing team.  By that I mean another regatta-less weekend due to uncooperative wind conditions.  Unlike last weekend at Yale when racers weren't even able to leave the dock, at Connecticut College this weekend there actually was racing, just not enough to constitute a regatta.  However, had the regatta counted, after the six total races that were sailed, the Bulldogs would have been named the winners.

On Saturday four races were completed in A division and two were completed in B division.  The scores posted by Yale sailors in these races gave them the lead over the host team, Connecticut College, by two points going into Sunday.  Unfortunately, when B division went out to the race course on Sunday, they couldn't even find enough wind to get a single race off.  Three races were attempted but had to be abandoned. 

Because three races are required in each division to constitute a regatta, this regatta will not go down in the books as a win for Yale.  Their lead after Saturday, however, provides some evidence that the Bulldogs are still earning their No. 1 national ranking in practice. 

Hopefully, the fall season trend of lack of racing does not persist into next weekend when the Bulldogs go to Cambridge, Mass., for the Victorian Urn Trophy.  The Urn serves as the women's qualifying event for the Atlantic Coast Championships which are held on the last weekend of the fall season.

Report filed by Chris Segerblom '14, Yale Sports Publicity