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Bulldogs Prepare for a Cold, Competitive Qualifier

Bulldogs Prepare for a Cold, Competitive Qualifier

Victorian Coffee Urn at Harvard

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – In the eyes of the No. 1 Yale women's sailing team, the weather forecast for this weekend in Cambridge, Mass., is looking up.  Normally that's not how people describe a forecast that calls for temperature lows in the 30s and possible snow showers; however, for the Bulldogs and the rest of New England's college sailing community, it is simply encouraging to be told that the wind is not supposed to be too light or too heavy.    

Both of the past two women's intersectionals, over the past two weekends, have been cancelled due to uncooperative wind.  The Yale Women's regatta two weekends ago was cancelled due to an over-abundance of wind while the Stu Nelson Trophy last weekend was unable to complete enough races due to a shortage of wind.  In addition, numerous of the previous weekends' regattas lost full days of racing due to adverse wind conditions.  Put simply, it has been a dismal fall in terms of weekend sailboat racing conditions.  However, this weekend, for the 46th Victorian Coffee Urn Trophy which is to be hosted by Harvard, forecasts call for moderate eight to ten mile-per-hour winds.   

The Bulldogs started off their fall season on the Charles River and are now returning for their second to last regatta of the season.  At the Toni Deutsch Regatta in the beginning of the season there were 26 races completed and Yale finished in third place overall.  Since then the Bulldogs have been ranked No. 1 in the nation and have since yet to have that standing be questioned.  Coming off of a win at the last regatta that was officially completed, the Navy Women's three weeks ago, and after being stripped of its leading position in last weekend's regatta, the Yale women's sailing team is looking to come out strong again at this weekend's event, which serves as the qualifier for the Women's Atlantic Coast Championships.

Traveling to Cambridge with the team will be three of Yale's top women's skippers and three of its top women's crews.  The skippers include junior Claire Dennis, junior Emily Billing and sophomore Marlena Fauer.  The crews include senior captain Margot Benedict, sophomore Eugenia Custo Greig and sophomore Amanda Salvesen.  All of these sailors have been vital in getting the No. 1 Bulldogs to the high level that they are all racing at this season.  The team's prospects for qualification are in good hands.

You can follow the regatta results on TechScore as the Bulldogs face a cold and competitive weekend on the Charles River.  They are racing for the privilege to compete at the Atlantic Coast Championships in two weekends which are to be hosted by the New York Maritime Academy. 

Report filed by Chris Segerblom '14, Yale Sports Publicity