New Class Coming to Yale Women's Sailing Team

New Class Coming to Yale Women's Sailing Team

New Haven, Conn. – The Yale Women's Sailing team will be adding eight new members to the team the upcoming year of competition. All eight will be crews with one doubling as a skipper/crew. New crews are a much-needed addition to the team as two of the starting crews last year were lost to graduation. The team will have to train up some of the new freshmen quickly to begin competing at top-level events as soon as possible.


Here are some more details about each new member of the team:


Mina Cezairli


Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

High School: Uskudar American Academy

Highlights before Yale: Sailed in Istanbul Sailing Club as crew in 420 International class for a while. Ataturk Memorial Cup (National) Ladies bronze.  Navy Cup (Regional) Ladies gold. Altinkilit Regional Cup Ladies silver, coed bronze. Continued sailing in school afterwards, founder of UAA Sailing Club. On land, student body president. 

Personal: Loves reading and traveling. Currently traveling around eastern and western Europe via nothing but trains. Loves aviation and has flown a glider!

Favorite parts of Yale: "I'm looking forward to meeting all the amazing and incredible Yale people! Also looking forward to trying the New Haven pizza, meeting the team, and sailing on the ocean for the first time."


Emery Wallace


Hometown: Fairfield, CT

High School: Fairfield Ludlowe High School

Highlights before Yale: Captain of high school sailing team for two years and captain of high school girl's ice hockey team for one year. Sailed dinghies for twelve years, keelboats for six years. 

Personal: Spends time outdoors, hiking, biking, etc. Plays piano, has sailed in the Bermuda Triangle and "didn't die"

Favorite parts of Yale: "I'm excited that there are so many different classes and extracurricular activities to choose from, and going to the Yale-Harvard football game. As well as being able to race against and practice with so many talented sailors and to be a part of a close-knit team."


Cate Mollerus


Hometown: Larchmont, NY

High School: Rye Country Day School

Highlights before Yale: Captain of my varsity field hockey team. Went to Youth Worlds in the 29er in 2016. Non-sailing: Captain of school's team for the 2017 Young Physicists Tournament and won first place.

Personal: Loves to bake, cook and play with dogs. Has four dogs.

Favorite parts of Yale: "Being able to meet so many new people and take truly challenging classes as well as learn how to sail an entirely new style of racing."


Claudia Loiaciano


Hometown: Miami, FL

High School: MAST Academy

Highlights from before Yale: 1st 2016 C420 Orange Bowl, 2nd 2016 Triple Crown, 3rd 2016 C420 North Americans, 2nd 2016 C420 Canadian Naitonals, 1st 2016 Snipe 50th Annual Don Q

Personal: Enjoys spearfishing in the Keys and dancing furiously to Latin music

Favorite parts of Yale: "The interesting people I've met already and expect to meet when I get there as well as having such a tight group of friends to hang out with."


Nina Bernick


Hometown: Wayne, PA

High School: Conestoga High School

Highlights before Yale: Sailed for school junior and senior year but mostly did year-round track and cross-country.

Personal: Likes to cook and bake and enjoys drawing/painting/most art mediums

Favorite parts of Yale: "Being able to meet a ton of new people that are talented and passionate. I'm also excited to take classes I'm actually interested in, and to spend more time sailing than I had in high school on our team."


Kathleen Wells


Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

High School: Forest Hills Northern High School

Highlights before Yale: Raced lasers, 420s, MC and C scows and most recently Catalina Capri 22s.

Personal: Fluent and Spanish and loves learning as much about other cultures as possible.

Favorite parts of Yale: "Being a part of new traditions that will be made at Benjamin Franklin College. I'm most looking forward to being on the ocean and meeting people who are passionate & competitive!"


Sonia Lingos-Utley


Hometown: Yarmouth, MA.

High School: Noble and Greenough School

Highlights before Yale: 1st Cape Cod Gill regatta 2015 and 2016

Personal: Practices Kung Fu year round

Favorite parts of Yale: "Being able to meet insanely talented people from across the world and having a close-knit group of people going through similar challenges and having upperclassmen friends on the team!"


Becca Rose


Hometown: Chicago, IL.

High School: Walter Payton

Highlights from before Yale: Won the Missa Mallory Qualifier, reached the Missa Baker Qualifier, and competed in two high school national championships (Mallory and Atlantic Coast).

Personal: Loves singing, going to street festivals, and wasting time on the internet. Plays the ukelele

Favorite parts of Yale: "All of the endless opportunities and incredible people and getting to say "yic-yic" on a daily basis."


 — Report by Nic Baird '19, Yale Sports Publicity