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Women's Sailing Team Wins Atlantic Coast Championship After Six Years

Yale Women's Sailing Winning the 2017 Women's Atlantic Coast Championship. Photo taken by Bill Healy.
Yale Women's Sailing Winning the 2017 Women's Atlantic Coast Championship. Photo taken by Bill Healy.

NEW LONDON, Conn. - The No. 1 Women's Sailing team finished the fall season in a dominant fashion, claiming the Atlantic Coast Championship title for the first time in six years. Second place team Boston College put up a solid fight, going into the last race only 3 points behind the Bulldogs.

Challenging weather conditions and the availability of only one fleet of boats for both divisions allowed only eight races to be completed in each division, placing even more weight on each race, since there were not as many opportunities to come back as in an eighteen race regatta.

The Bulldogs remained consistent and focused over the weekend, sailing the light and shifty northerly with their heads out of the boat on Saturday. Although there was slight skew from current, many passing opportunities were possible by sailing the shifts correctly. Nordstrom and Knapp had an extremely consistent first day, placing in the top two in all five races sailed.

Sunday started off with the same northerly breeze, but current played a major factor in the first two races sailed. After a short wind delay, the final three races were sailed in a shifty and puffy southerly. At the beginning of the day, Klingler and Loiacono did an excellent job starting at the pin and maintaining a lane in order to dig into the left course current relief. Over the course of the final three races, they were able to gap Boston College's A division boat by 13 points, providing Nordstrom and Knapp with a 5 point buffer going into the final set. Nordstrom and Knapp were able to keep their heads on the final two races, scoring a 3,1 in order to secure the win.

Overall, senior skipper Casey Klingler and first-year crew Claudia Loiacono finished second in A division, 9 points behind leaders Dana Rhode and Maddie Ekin. In B division, sophomore skipper Louisa Nordstroma and senior crew KB Knapp battled with Boston College's Sophia Reineke, Lily McGrath, and Alice Bohan, finishing second, shy of first by four points.

Although only four sailors were able to sail in the championship event, sophomore skipper Chrissie Klingler, senior crew Claire Huebner, and first-year crew Cate Mollerus, as well as the entire coed team, played a major role in the Bulldog's victory.

As this marks the conclusion of the fall season, the Bulldogs will begin the offseason this week and will be back on the water in late February.

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Report filed by KB Knapp '18, Yale Sports Publicity