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Bulldogs Head to Virginia for Women's Nationals

Bulldogs Head to Virginia for Women's Nationals

NORFOLK, Virg. – The Yale sailing team begins its eleven day national championship Tuesday with the beginning of the Women's Semifinals in Norfolk Virginia. The event format works such that the teams are seeded into a Western and an Easter group, each with eighteen teams. After two days of racing, the top nine in each fleet will move on to the finals which take place on Thursday and Friday.


Yale will send all its assets to the event, fielding a team of eight with senior skipper Casey Klingler leading the team in A division with crews senior KB Knapp, sophomore Chrissie Klingler and first year Claudia Loiacono. In B division, sophomore Louisa Nordstrom will skipper with any potential combination of crews in senior Claire Huebner, sophomore Graceann Nicolosi, and first year Cate Mollerus.


Conditions for the semifinals look to be particularly light and difficult, which makes qualifying into the finals a little more dicey. However, the Bulldogs only need to finish within the top nine, and none of the scores carry over. They will look to move on to the finals while also learning about the venue and the boats as much as they can in order to be well prepared for the finals later in the week.


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Report filed by Nic Baird '19, Yale Sports Publicity