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Repeat Victory for Bulldogs at SMC InterConference

Skipper Chrissie Klinger and crew Cate Mollerus.
Skipper Chrissie Klinger and crew Cate Mollerus.

ST MARY'S CITY, Md. - The Bulldogs clinched yet another outstanding victory this weekend at the St. Mary's Women's InterConference this weekend. The Yale Women's Sailing team won the regatta handily by a 22 point margin over second place Harvard. The sailors secured the number one position and held it for nearly the entirety of the 28 race regatta, despite facing oscillating wind conditions and changing pairings, proving the depth of skill these athletes possess. 


Junior skipper Louisa Nordstrom, placed 1st in A division with 67 points, a critical three points away from 2nd place Boston University. Nordstrom raced with sophmore heavy wind crew Katie Clulo for the first five races. Clulo is a up-and-coming sailor who has showed her exponential growth over the past year, especially in breezy conditions. Nordstrom switched to sophomore crew Cate Mollerus for races six through 14. Throughout the regatta Nordstrom finished only once outside of the top 10 and only thrice outside of the top six, a tribute to her trademark consistency.


Junior skipper Chrissie Klingler placed 4th in B division with 83 points, within 10 points of the top three teams. Klingler sailed with Mollerus in the first four races before switching to senior Kira WoodsKlingler finished only three races outside of the top 10, but the DSQ for race 10 significantly impacted the Bulldogs' overall score. Strategy-wise, Mollerus explains, "despite the breeze [on both Saturday and Sunday], there were classic Saint Mary's shifts that needed to be played. Saturday was more about speed and Sunday it was more [critical to focus on] shifts, but on both days starts were important." She adds that in both divisions Yale was "getting off the line well all weekend whcih helped a lot" with the overall winning result.


Saturday began with a strong breeze of 15-18 knots from the northwest, leading coaches like the esteemed Bill Healy to set up heavy wind pairings to combat the wind conditions. Eventually the breeze decreased to a stable 6-10 knots by the end of the 10 race per division day. Sunday began with an extended wind delay but a "wild and shifty westerly," as the SMC race committee described it, allowed 4 more races in each division to be sailed.


After back-to-back victories, it is clear that the Bulldogs are the team to beat.


Final results from the event can be found at


Report filed by Becca Rose '21, Yale Sports Publicity