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No. 3 Bulldogs to Compete at Navy Spring Women's Intersectional

No. 3 Bulldogs to Compete at Navy Spring Women's Intersectional

March 12, 2009

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The No. 3 Bulldog women's sailing team will attempt to continue performing strongly this spring at the very competitive Navy Spring Women's Intersectional this weekend. The Bulldogs, who placed fourth at the Charleston Spring Intersectional last weekend, performed very well at the Navy regatta last year despite very tough wind and weather conditions.

The Bulldogs are ready for the tough competition that will be competing at the Navy Spring Women's Intersectional. Last weekend, senior Kate Hagemann and sophomore Elizabeth Brim, who normally sail B division, sailed A division while junior Sarah Lihan and sophomore Tatyana Camejo sailed in B division for the Bulldogs at the Charleston Women's Intersectional. This weekend, the Bulldogs will be back to their normal set up with senior Jane Macky and junior captain Marla Menninger joining Hagemann and Brim at the regatta. The Navy regatta will feature some of the top competition of the year for the women. Of the 16 teams that are scheduled to compete at the regatta, 12 are currently ranked in the top 15 nationally, including nine of the top 10 teams. Top 10 teams that will be competing include No. 1 Charleston, No. 2 Georgetown, No. 4 St. Mary's, No. 5 Boston College, No. 6 Harvard, No. 7 Brown, No. 8 Connecticut College and No. 9 Old Dominion.

Last year, the Bulldogs performed very well in stressful conditions. The team sailed in both FJs and 420s on Saturday, which featured lighter wind, before switching to 420s only on Sunday. The wind on Saturday and Sunday caused numerous teams to capsize, but the Bulldogs were able to perform strongly in the tough conditions. The Bulldogs ended up taking second in both A and B divisions, only getting edged out by St. Mary's College of Maryland, which won both divisions and the overall regatta.

Competition will get underway at 9:00 a.m. Following the regatta, the team will train in Florida for one week.

Report filed by Caleb Dorfman '09, Yale Sports Publicity