Alexandra Kerr
Alexandra Kerr
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
High School: The Pingry School

Why Yale? The Yale Squash Team
Why Squash? I started playing when I was 7 (along with tennis, sailing, paddle, swimming, skiing) because my dad plays and loves it. I really started focusing on squash at age 13 because I realized how much I love the game.
Favorite Squash Moment: At the Frank Millet tournament at Harvard my junior year of highschool I was playing a match against a girl I normally beat but who was only ranked one or two spots below me and always gave me a tough game. During the fourth or fifth point of the match I twisted my ankle trying to get to the ball. I was in a lot of pain and took an injury time out. My coach told me it wouldn't get worse if I kept playing so I finished that game, lost the second and somewhere in there managed to find the determination and drive to keep playing and went on to win in 5. I was out for 4 months after that because of my sprained ankle but winning that match was my favorite squash moment.