Bulldogs Fall to Crimson in Ivy Title Showdown

Bulldogs Fall to Crimson in Ivy Title Showdown

Feb. 22, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - After almost three hours on the courts, the women's squash team walked off with its first loss since December 3, 2003. The Bulldogs, who were painfully close to topping the Crimson, lost a 5-4 decision.

The Bulldogs stayed neck and neck with the Crimson throughout the evening and were tied 2-2 after the first four matches were completed.

Continuing play, the outcome looked good after Catherine McLeod defeated Jen Blumberg 3-1, putting the Bulldogs up 4-3. Lauren McCrery's 3-0 loss to Audrey Duboc, which was the second to last match to finish, made the score even at 4-4.

In the night's final match, Michelle Quibell faced Lily Lorentzen in what would decide the winner of the Ivy League Championship. After a 4-0 start to the fifth game, Quibell lost her lead and trailed 7-5. She tied up the score at 7-7 but ultimately lost 9-7.

The Bulldogs' loss translates into an Ivy League Championship for the Crimson and Harvard's first undefeated season since 2003.

Although the women failed to take their third straight league title, they may have another chance against the Crimson this weekend at the Howe Cup, which begins Friday in Cambridge. The Bulldogs, who have won the last two Howe Cups, are the top seed and open play against No. 8 seed Williams. Harvard is the No. 3 seed.

Harvard 5, Yale 4

No. 1 Lily Lorentzen (H) def. Michelle Quibell (Y):3-2
No. 2 Kyla Grigg (H) def. Miranda Ranieri (Y): 3-2
No. 3 Catherine McLeod (Y) def. Jen Blumberg (H): 3-1
No. 4 Amy Gross (Y) def. Supiya Baleskar (H): 3-1
Lauren McCrery (Y): 3-0
No. 6 Lydia Williams (H) def. Kate Rapisarda (Y): 3-1
No. 7 Allison Fast (H) def. Sarah Barenbaum (Y): 3-0
No. 8 Nicola Shiels (Y) def. Laura Delano (H): 3-0
No. 9 Jess Balderston (Y) def. Elizabeth Berylson (H): 3-1

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Report by Lauren Wiznia '09, Yale Sports Publicity