Yale Beats Harvard In Howe Cup Semis, 6-3

Yale Beats Harvard In Howe Cup Semis, 6-3

Feb. 25, 2006

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - Yale defeated Harvard today 6-3 in the semifinals of the Howe Cup in Cambridge, Mass., setting up a showdown with Trinity tomorrow in the national championship. Four of the six wins came in three games, and No. 2 Miranda Ranieri came back from a 2-1 deficit to win her match, 3-2.

"We were just really excited to play them again," Head Coach Dave Talbott said. "We hated to lose the Ivies, but in a lot of ways, this was a much more important match."

Talbott noted that two matches were particularly crucial to Yale's win. Ranieri, again, overcame a 2-1 deficit to win her match, and No. 6 Kate Rapisarda, who lost to Lydia Williams 3-1 on Wednesday, turned the table on her opponent today, defeating Williams in three games.

With the match already clinched, No. 1 Michelle Quibell retired in her match against Lily Lorentzen to rest for tomorrow's match against Trinity. Yale defeated the Bantams 5-4 on Jan. 25.

"We were just really focused today," Talbott said. "[Harvard] played a perfect match on Wedesday. Talent won out today."

Yale and Trinity face off tomorrow at 2 p.m.


No. 1 Lily Lorentzen (H) def. Michelle Quibell (Y), 3-1 (6-9, 9-5, 9-1, ret.)
No. 2 Miranda Ranieri (Y) def. Kyla Grigg (H), 3-2 (9-6, 4-9, 7-9, 9-4, 9-1)
No. 3 Catherine McLeod (Y) def. Jen Blumberg (H), 3-0 (9-4, 9-2, 9-1)
No. 4 Amy Gross (Y) def. Supiya Baleskar (H), 3-1 (9-2, 4-9, 9-6, 9-4)
No. 5 Audrey Duboc (H) def. Lauren McCrery (Y), 3-0 (9-3, 9-0, 9-2)
No. 6 Kate Rapisarda (Y) def. Lydia Williams (H), 3-0 (9-3, 10-9, 9-4)
No. 7 Allison Fast (H) def. Sarah Barenbaum (Y), 3-0 (10-8, 9-6, 9-5)
No. 8 Nicola Shiels (Y) def. Laura Delano (H), 3-0 (9-5, 9-2, 9-4)
No. 9 Jessica Balderston (Y) def. Elizabeth Berylson (H), 3-0 (9-7, 9-4, 9-5)

Report filed by David Sherfinski '08, Yale Sports Publicity