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Bulldogs Bring Home Win Against Navy

Bulldogs Bring Home Win Against Navy

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The Yale women's swimming and diving team had a tight competition with Navy but ultimately won with a 164-131 victory. The Bulldogs took first place in 10 of 16 events.

Representing Yale's A-relay in the 200-yard medley relay, Heidi Vanderwel, Cha O'Leary, Maddy Zimmerman and Bella Hindley finished first with a time of 1:42.97, two seconds ahead of Navy's A-relay. Jacquelyn Du, Ashley Pales, Charlotte Hylinski and lili Margitai represented Yale's B-relay and finished third with a time of 1:45.68, just a second away from Navy's A-relay.

Leading strongly the entire race, Cailley Silbert and Kendall Brent swept the competition, finishing first (10:06.58) and second (10:14.40), respectively, in the 1,000-yard freestyle. Afterwards, Claire O'Mara raced in the 200-yard freestyle, slipping into second with a time of 1:51.10. Nathalie Eid and Kendall Krent took on the 500-yard freestyle, snatching second and third with times of 5:00.48 and 5:01.91.

Backstrokers Vanderwel and Hindley stole first (55.33) and second (56.04), out-touching Navy's swimmer by 0.75 seconds. Cate Sawkins finished third in the 200-yard backstroke with a time 2:01.92. Breastroker O'Leary finished strongly in the 100-yard breastroke and 200-yard breastroke, winning both events with times of 1:02.29 and 2:16.37. Butterfliers Carrie heilbrun and Bebe Thompson tag-teamed in the 200-yard butterfly, finishing second (2:03.62) and third (2:04.72). Zimmerman and Vanderwel competed in the 100-yard butterfly, finishing first (55.56) and third (56.85).

Competing for Yale in the 50-yard freestyle, Hindley and Hylinski raced to the finish, sneaking into first (23.56) and third (24.29). They once again snuck into first (51.82) and third (52.47) in the 100-yard freestyle.

Divers Nikki Watters, McKenna Tennant and Hannah Walsh executed outstanding performances, taking first (295.95), second (283.73) and third (255.90) in the 1-meter dive. Watters, Walsh and Tennant once more took the top three spots in the 3-meter dive with scores of 320.85, 291.60 and 287.55, respectively.

To wrap up the meet, O'Mara, Kate Rogers, Danielle Liu and Cheryl Xiang represented Yale's A-relay in the 400-yard freestyle relay as an exhibition heat. They finished with a time of 3:28.81, placing them third overall in the race.

The Bulldogs once again took home another win as they prepare for their final dual meets of the season. The team will take on Harvard and Princeton on February 3-4 for the annual Harvard-Yale-Princeton meet.


Report by Angela Lee '18, Yale Sports Publicity