Christina Person
Christina Person
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
High School: Turpin High School
Position: Event=>Free

Christina is a southerner at heart. She was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, home to the "craziest Cajun population in the states". She lived in the land of oak trees and bayous for ten years; then she moved to Austin, Texas. Christina started her swimming career when she moved to Austin at the ripe young age of 11. She quickly rose through the ranks because of her natural talent and "savvy good looks". It wasn't long before she was competing at the state level. She then moved to the Greater Cincinnati area where she joined the Anderson Barracudas/ME Lyons YMCA. She became one of that strong team's better sprint and mid-distance swimmers. She went to Turpin High School where she broke several team records and anchored the state team for three years. Her finest moment was anchoring the 800 free relay her junior year at YMCA Nationals.

Christina was on the cross country team her junior year and still harbors a love for running. She also inherited a love for cycling from her father Dave. Her hero just happens to be Lance Armstrong, whom she had the privilege of touching one time after a bike race in Austin, TX. She aspires to participate in Iron Man Hawaii one day.

Christina is a twin - her brother John attends Purdue University with aspirations to become an aerospace engineer. Her older sister attends the University of Alabama. Christina plans to study Archaeology and Geology/Geophysics at Yale.