Getting to Know Stevi Petrelli '11

Getting to Know Stevi Petrelli '11

Oct. 28, 2007

On the residential college system... I really like the residential college system because you immediately have a smaller community within Yale that you are a part of. On the first day I came to Yale the dean and master of my college already knew my name which immediately made me feel more at home.

On adjusting to living with multiple roommates... I live with a great group of girls and we all get along really well. I'm glad I live in a big suite because I may have never gotten the chance to know the 6 girls I live with had it not been for our living situation.

On going to school so close to home... I always knew I wanted to stay somewhat close to home because I'm so close to my family. It's really nice being only an hour away because I can always go home if I need to pick something up and my parents will be able to come to all of the home matches without having to travel too far.

On the dining hall food... The dining hall food is really good and there are always so many options. My favorite meal is breakfast so I love that there are always 20 different kinds of cereal and Sunday morning brunch is always good.

On adjusting to college tennis and college in general... With the help of Danielle, Amanda and my teammates I think my adjustment to college tennis has gone really smoothly. I've never been so excited about practicing and playing matches before because the coaches and rest of the girls create such a fun atmosphere to play in. It's been a relatively easy transition into college for me because I came to Yale already knowing the girls on the team and a bunch of people from my area and high school.

On what aspects of her game she's looking to improve in college... I'm really looking forward to adding more variety to my game and having a greater selection of shots. Also, I'm looking forward to improving my movement on the court.

On her favorite part of the tennis program... I never had a coach during juniors who was able to travel to tournaments with me to watch my matches and practice with me on a consistent basis; so it's been so great having Danielle's and Amanda's perspective on my match play and being able to decide together what I need to work on in practice. I also love the intensity of the program and the team's dedication to each other and our goals.

On what sold her on Yale... To be completely honest, as soon as I met Danielle and listened to her talk about her goals for the team and I heard the enthusiasm in her voice, I knew I didn't want to play for anyone else. Then when I made my visit and met the girls, saw the campus, and attended classes I was just even surer there was no better fit for me, academically and tennis-wise, than Yale.

On competing for Yale for the first time... I was extremely nervous during my first match competing for Yale. I'm pretty sure I actually nearly started hyperventilating next to Amanda on the bench between sets. Now that I look back on it though I don't know why I was so nervous because I knew I had put in the hours of practice and was the most prepared I could've been. I remind myself of this now before every match and it helps take away any nerves I may have. Competing for Yale is a privilege and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to.

Report Filed by Steven Horn '10, Yale Sports Publicity