Postcards from Athens: August 18 and 19

Former Yale track star Kate O'Neill '03 is one of 11 Bulldogs in Athens for the 2004 Olympics. O'Neill will compete in the 10K on August 27, and is keeping an on-line journal for to document her experience. August 19th I am starting to grow accustomed to Crete's scenery, but I experienced something new during today's workout. As I ran laps around the track, I could hear a group of goats "naying" (I am not sure if that is the correct word...) on a nearby hill. Running here is so much fun! August 18th Today was an exciting day for the track and field athletes who are still left in the training camp on Crete. The men's and women's shotput took place today! Adam Nelson (a Dartmouth graduate!) won the silver medal for the second time. Nelson led for most of the competition. Watching the throwers on TV was great, but I wish that I had been able to go the actual stadium. They held the shotput in Olympia, in the stadium used for the ancient Greek games. The stands were packed! It would have been amazing to watch an event in this stadium. I also watched the fencing on TV. I hope that American networks have been covering the fencing as well as the European networks! It was exciting to watch Sada win a medal for the USA.

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