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50 Women at Yale 150

Celebrating Women's Athletics at Yale  

In 2019-20, Yale will celebrate the 50th anniversary of coeducation in Yale College and the 150th anniversary of women students at the university. As part of the larger 50 Women at Yale 150 events that are happening during 2019 and 2020, a group of athletic alumnae have been planning events and activities to acknowledge the 50 years since Yale's women athletes were awarded their first Varsity Y's. We hope that you will join us in some or all of the events being planned, and if you have ideas or want to volunteer to help we welcome you! 

Yale Athletics 50 WAY 150 Events:


Special Reception before the Blue Leadership Ball (BLB) on November 22, 2019 - Athletic Director Vicky Chun will host an opportunity for female athletic alums to reconnect and make new friends at a special reception before the Blue Leadership Ball. We hope to have one or more female athlete honorees at this year's BLB awards, and invite you to attend that as well.

Spring Luncheon and Panel Discussion at the Yale Club of NYC on February 22, 2020 - this luncheon will feature a panel discussion on women working in the business of sports. The panel will be moderated by Lawrie Mifflin '73, former deputy sports editor at the New York Times.

 Fall 2020 Symposium at Yale November 2020- we will have one or more panel discussions and other activities planned as part of the larger celebration of women that will be taking place on the Yale Campus in November 2020.


Celebrating Women's Athletics at Yale Committee

We want to hear from you!  Please use this link to update your contact information, indicate tentative interest in one or all of these events, volunteer to help and/or provide ideas for us to consider. This is our time to celebrate and remember all that's been accomplished, and to set the stage for a strong future for today's and tomorrow's Yale female student/athletes.

Anne Boucher ’80; Crew (Captain)

Nancy Cahill ’81; Softball (Captain), Swimming

Barbara Chesler 

Alison Cole ’99; Lacrosse (Captain)

Ilona Emmerth ’98; Golf

Shoshanna Engel ’03; Gymnastics (Captain)

Kim Fulton ’91; Track & Field and Cross Country

Kristen Gengaro ’00; Softball (Captain)

Melanie Ginter ’78; Swimming

Zerline Goodman ’84; Squash

Maura Grogan ’78; Ice Hockey 

Beth Hadley ’77; Field Hockey, Lacrosse (Captain)

Anne Keating ’77; Field Hockey, Lacrosse (Captain)

Bray Ketchum ’11; Hockey

Susanna Krentz ’80; Basketball, Volleyball (Captain)

Karen Krieger ’79; Hockey, Soccer

Claire Leatherwood Slebonick ’09; Track & Field and Cross Country

Patricia Melton ’83; Track & Field and Cross Country (Captain)

Christina Minnis ’87; Squash

Mary O’Connor ’79; Crew

Laura Pappano ’84; Field Hockey

Margot Putukian ’84; Lacrosse, Soccer 

Carol Roberts ’81; Field Hockey, Softball

Sharon Robinson ’96; Lacrosse (Captain)

Wendy Thum ’75; Swimming

Barbara Wagner ’73; Gymnastics

Karen Yarasavage ’87; Basketball (Captain), Softball