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No. 1 Bulldogs Take Ivy Regatta for 5th Consecutive Year, Place 9th at Oberg Regatta

Lamphere and Lingos-Utley keeping the boat flat over spring break.
Lamphere and Lingos-Utley keeping the boat flat over spring break.

KINGS POINT, NY. – The Bulldogs had a great comeback on Sunday, claiming the Ivy Regatta for a fifth consecutive year. Sailing for the Bulldogs was senior skipper Malcolm Lamphere with crews senior Caroline Colwell and first-year Sonia Lingos-Utley. In B division was junior skipper Nick Hernandez sailing with crews senior Caroline Colwell and sophomore Chrissie Klingler.

Sailors were presented with beautiful conditions on Saturday, with the first set being sailed in a stable northerly. As the day went on, the wind started getting lighter and shifted to the east. After race 6B, the wind slowly built with less shifts. The Bulldogs ended the first day in 4th, but only 6 points out of first.

With the Ivy title on the line, the Bulldogs were able to turn it on for the big breeze on Sunday, finishing in the top three in nine of the ten races sailed between the two divisions. Conditions were intense with an easterly breeze ranging from 10-30 mph with large waves.  The Bulldogs were able to dominate racing due to their great training in waves on the sound, as well as the ability to have heavy crew combos for the second day of racing. Due to the cancellation of the second day of the BU Trophy, Chrissie Klingler who is generally a skipper was able to heavy air crew for Nick Hernandez and Caroline Colwell was able to sail with Malcolm Lamphere.

At the end of the day, Lamphere, Lingos-Utley, and Colwell were able to shoot ahead to a 8 point lead in A division.  Hernandez, Colwell, and Klingler finished 2nd in B division carrying an OCS in their scoreline and 17 points out of first.

This was a busy weekend for the Bulldogs, with sailors competing not only at the Thompson, Owen/Mosbacher/Knapp, but also sending a team to the Charles River to compete at the Oberg. 

Sailing for the Bulldogs on the Charles in A division was sophomore Louisa Nordstrom with senior crew Claire Huebner, in B division first-year Nick Marwell with crews first-year Becca Rose, and junior Kira Woods, and in C division first-year skipper Martin Tipton with first-year crew Mina Cezairli. The Bulldogs had a challenging event finishing 9th overall and in 6th, 6th, and 11th in A,B, and C divisions respectively.

Competing in an easterly starting off at 8-10 knots and slowly building throughout the day, Northeastern was able to run 10 races in a single day. Due to the forecast of low temperatures, high winds, and freezing rain, racing was called for Sunday.

This ended up being a great thing for the Bulldogs, allowing greater flexibility in heavy pairings at the Thompson by senior crew Claire Huebner being able to compete in both events over the weekend.

More information and full scores can be found at

Report filed by KB Knapp 18', Yale Sports Publicity.