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Spring Racing Season Begins

Photo by Izak Epstein
Photo by Izak Epstein

Yale Seeks Sixth Straight Albert Cup

NEW HAVEN, CT – This Saturday the Yale Heavyweights take on the Brown Bears at Providence. Racing begins at 4:10 p.m. (EST).

Yale looks to reclaim the Albert Cup, which has remained in New Haven since its dedication in 2014.

After training in Florida and weathering the New Haven winter, the Elis are ready to race. Captain Angus Morrison '19 remarked, "this is what we have been preparing for. We have a really deep team this year, and the boys are eager to compete."

The racing schedule and lineups can be found below.


4:10 PM: 4V Race

4:30 PM: 3V Race

4:50 PM: 2V Race

5:10 PM: 1V Race



1- Orlando Nixon

2- Andrin Gulich

3- Matteo Sandrelli

4- Jack Lopas

5- Thomas Digby

6- Charlie Elwes

7- Leonard Jenkins

8- Daniel Williamson

Coxswain- Vlad Saigau



1- Nick Rusher

2- Thomas Bischoff

3- Jack Morton

4- Liam Galloway

5- Fergus Hamilton

6- Thomas Beck

7- Angus Morrison (captain)

8- Henry Kamp

Coxswain- Woods Connell



1- Alex Jeremijenko

2- Nikola Bakoc

3- Miles Beeson

4- Jonathan Winter

5- Garth Holden

6- Freddie Elwes

7- Will Powers

8- Daire Lynch

Coxswain- Thomas Fant



1- Edgar Staunton

2-Alex Lindsay

3- Jack Webber

4- Nicholas Helms 

5- Noah Norman

6- Bobby Jahrling

7- Will Acken

8- Seth Bartlett

Coxswain- Katherine Hofmann 


5V (subject to change)

1- Lucas Peilert

2- Nick Cowling

3- Peter Zablocki

4- Magruder Dent

5- Archie McChesney

6- Rudd Fawcett

7- Jack Palmer

8- Patrick Craig

Coxswain- Sonya Gladstone

By Izak Epstein '19, Sports Publicity Assistant. You can contact him at