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Yale Seeks Sixth Straight Carnegie Cup

Yale Seeks Sixth Straight Carnegie Cup

Princeton, Cornell Come To Derby  


DERBY, Conn. – The top ranked Yale Bulldogs are set to race No.7 Princeton and No. 16 Cornell for the Carnegie Cup on Senior Day this Saturday in the final home race of the 2019 season.


Yale has won the Carnegie Cup the past five years. Princeton last won in 2013 and Cornell last won in 2012. The Cup record currently stands at Princeton (38), Cornell (30), and Yale (24).


The Carnegie Cup was dedicated in 1921. The cup is awarded to the winner of the first varsity race.


Last weekend, Princeton raced Harvard for the Compton Cup. Harvard won the 1V, 2V, and 5V events while Princeton took the 3V and 4V events. Princeton's third varsity is their only undefeated boat.


All Yale boats remain undefeated this spring.



1V – 7:30 AM

2V ­– 7:45 AM

3V – 8:00 AM

4V – 8:15 AM

5V – 8:30 AM

Trophy Ceremony – 9:30 AM




1- Orlando Nixon

2- Andrin Gulich

3- Matteo Sandrelli

4- Jack Lopas

5- Thomas Digby

6- Charlie Elwes

7- Leonard Jenkins

8- Daniel Williamson

Cox - Vlad Saigau


1- Alex Jeremijenko

2- Daire Lynch

3- Garth Holden

4- Thomas Beck

5- Miles Beeson

6- Nikola Bakoc

7- Fergus Hamilton

8- Henry Kamp

Cox -Woods Connell



1- Angus Morrison

2- Jonathon Winter

3- Nick Rusher

4- Thomas Bischoff

5- Jack Morton

6- Freddie Elwes

7- Will Powers

8- Liam Galloway

Cox -Thomas Fant



1- Edgar Staunton

2- Seth Bartlett

3- Alex Lindsay

4- Nicholas Helms

5- Noah Norman

6- Bobby Jahrling

7- Will Acken

8- Lucas Peilert

Cox -Katherine Hofmann



1- Patrick Craig

2- Peter Zablocki

3- Magruder Dent

4- Jack Palmer

5- Rudd Fawcett

6- Archie McChesney

7- Jack Webber

8- Jens Odegard

Cox- Sonya Gladstone



1- Collett Preston

2- Louis Abrassard

3- Daniel Urke

4- Liam Sherif

5- Nick Cowling

6- Elias Salander

7- Forrest Simpson

8- Nikita Kvasniov

Cox -Kelly Wei



By Izak Epstein '19, Sports Publicity Assistant. You can contact him at