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Lightweights Split Varsity Races

Yale's First Freshman Eight (Photo Courtesy Carol Hsin)
Yale's First Freshman Eight (Photo Courtesy Carol Hsin)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – In two drastically different sets of conditions, the Yale lightweight rowing team saw mixed results in their two sets of races today on the Housatonic River. In the morning, Yale's third-ranked varsity eight defeated No. 4 Cornell and No. 7 Delaware in rainy, headwind conditions before losing to No. 8 Dartmouth on flat water in the afternoon. Yale's second varsity also split its races, losing to Cornell but beating Dartmouth. Yale's third varsity and first freshman were both undefeated on the day.

In the first race of the morning, Yale's first freshman defeated Cornell and Delaware in what was a battle between two top-ranked 1F crews in the most recent EARC seeding poll. The Bulldogs finished in a time of 6:12.9, 5.1 seconds ahead of top-ranked Cornell. Delaware was well back in a time of 6:28.8. The morning race marked the first complete race in two weeks for the freshman after their race last weekend was called off due to swamping at the midway point.

Yale's varsity eight raced next, leading Cornell and Delaware from the start in a 4.1-second win. Yale crossed the line in 6:12.2. Cornell finished second, while Delaware finished third in a time of 6:29.4

The Yale second varsity registered the only Y150 loss of the morning, a 7-seat loss to Cornell, which finished with a time of 6:20.5. Yale started strong but fell behind in the middle of the piece and was never able to make up the margin. Yale finished in 6:22.7, Delaware in 6:36.8.

Like the freshman eight, Yale's third varsity entered the weekend ranked second behind Cornell in the EARC seeding poll. The Bulldogs dominated the race with a time of 6:28.3, 8.4 seconds ahead of Cornell and 27 seconds ahead of Delaware.

The third varsity opened the afternoon races for Yale, continuing their success from the morning. The Bulldog 3V defeated the Big Green by over 20 seconds, finishing in a time of 5:58.8

Yale's freshman also won their second race of the day, crossing the line in 5:56.8. Dartmouth was 5.7 seconds back.

The Yale second varsity recovered from its morning loss to beat Dartmouth in the afternoon, winning in a time of 5:50.8. Dartmouth, currently seeded fifth in the EARC, kept it close for much of the race but finished 5.2 seconds back.

In the varsity eight, Yale lost the Durand Cup to Dartmouth in what has become a very hotly contested cup race over the last five years. Over that period, Yale and Dartmouth have split the Durand Cup series 2-2-1, including a dead heat last year in Hanover. Dartmouth pulled away from Yale in the first half of the race, and the Bulldogs maintained contact at all times. Yale, however, was unable to close the gap in the second 1000 meters, despite several successful moves. The Bulldogs finished 2.7 seconds behind Dartmouth with a time of 5:41.5.

Racing closed with an exhibition race, with Yale's 4V/2F combo boat defeating Dartmouth's second freshman eight by 3.4 seconds, winning in a time of 6:08.4.

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