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Yale Comes in Second at HYPs

Yale Comes in Second at HYPs

May 1, 2004

The Bulldogs fell to Harvard but defeated Princeton at the Goldthwait & Vogel Cup, hosted by Princeton on the Carnegie River.

Harvard won the Varsity race with a time of 5:37.6 to win the Cup, while Yale came in second with a time of 5:41.3. Princeton finished third in 5:44.9.

In the 2nd Varsity race, the Cantabs won in 5:46.1, while Princeton finished second with 5:48.6 and the Bulldogs came in third in 5:54.6.

Harvard's A boat won the Varsity Four race with a time of 6:44.3, followed by Princeton (6:52.9), Harvard B (6:55.6) and Yale (7:00.7).

In the Frosh/Novice 8 Race, the Crimson were winners in 5:47.4, with Princeton (5:48.5) and Yale (5:57.1) rounding out the competition.

Next on Yale's schedule is the EARC Sprints, held in Worcester, MA on May 15th.