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Yale Starts Season Strong at Brandeis

Yale Starts Season Strong at Brandeis

WALTHAM, Mass. — The Yale women's fencing team demonstrated its strength and cohesiveness at its first team competition of the season, finishing 4-2 with wins against Brandeis, Boston College, Drew and Johns Hopkins.

"We are known as one of the most supportive teams in the NCAA.  Today was no exception - we may be a small team, but we are fierce and very, very loud," said team manager Lillie Lainoff.

Although Yale fell to both St. John's and MIT, the team demonstrated great depth in both its results and span of athlete representation. Freshman Jenny Zhao, freshman Lucy Friedmann, junior Olivia Briffault, freshman Sarah Pak, and sophomore Ella Belina fenced every single bout.

This was an especially impressive feat given the event's schedule, which spanned the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

"After a truly grueling and exhausting day, I am proud to say that our team represented themselves beautifully, and that both our record and conduct reflect how hard we have been training and how well we work together," said captain Joanna Lew.

Overall, the team fared significantly better than last year, and the results speak for themselves. Last year, Yale fell to both Brandeis and Boston College, highly competitive teams that Yale took down on Sunday. This year, Yale beat both Brandeis and Boston College 14-13.

Senior Megan Murphy, who did not compete this weekend due to injury, noted the team's tremendous depth and resilience after learning the results.

"Since there were no subs, it was an exhausting day, but we performed very well given the circumstances," Murphy said. 

Murphy, who walked onto the team freshman year and has since become a highly competitive fencer and overall outstanding team member, will return to competition for the next meet. 

The next meet will be after winter break on January 16 at Penn State against Penn, UNC, Columbia, Haverford, Duke and Temple. 

Report filed by Caroline Hart '17, Yale Sports Publicity.