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Bulldogs Stand Strong on Day One of Round Robins

Ilana Kamber. (photo by Alexandra Schmeling)
Ilana Kamber. (photo by Alexandra Schmeling)

ITHACA, N.Y. The Yale women's fencing team stands in sixth place after day one of the Ivy League Round Robins. The women competed against Brown, No. 1 Columbia, Cornell and No. 4 Harvard.

Yale beat Brown for the first time in four years, 17-10. Lillie Lainoff had the clinching victory, beating Claudia Jiang 5-1 in saber.

The Bulldogs fell to Harvard in each of the three weapons. However, Harvard proved to be a highly skilled team, placing first for the day with no losses.

"The first day of Ivies was long but rewarding. We beat Brown for the first time in my time at Yale and we had a close loss to Cornell (16-11) that really demonstrated the strength of our team," said captain Joanna Lew. "Though it was an exhausting day it was also exciting and fun, and I think we are all looking forward to finishing up the competition tomorrow."

Highlights of the day included standout performances by members of the freshman class. Lucy Friedmann ended the day in fourth place in epee. Jenny Zhao placed fifth in foil, followed by Sarah Pak's ninth-place standing in the same event. Additionally, Lew currently stands in sixth place overall in saber.

The Ivy League Round Robin will continue through Sunday, February 7.


Harvard 22, Yale 5

Saber: 8-1, Harvard

Foil: 7-2, Harvard

Epee:7-2, Harvard

Yale 17, Brown 10

Saber: 8-1, Yale

Foil: 6-3, Yale

Epee: 6-3, Brown

Cornell 16, Yale 11

Saber: 5-4, Cornell

Foil: 6-3, Cornell

Epee: 5-4, Cornell

Columbia 21, Yale 6

Saber: 6-3, Columbia

Foil: 9-0, Columbia

Epee: 6-3, Columbia


Team Rankings

 1) Harvard 3-0

2) Columbia 3-1

3) Princeton 2-1

4) Penn 2-2

5) Cornell 1-2

6) Yale 1-3

7) Brown 0-3


Report filed by Caroline Hart '17, Yale Sports Publicity.