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Blue Gray National Tennis Classic Wraps up for Bulldogs

Amy Yang. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Amy Yang. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The Yale women's tennis team played to mixed results on the final day of the Blue Gray National Tennis Classic, losing to Denver 4-0 before beating UAB 4-0. 

Against Denver, the Bulldogs engaged in several close matches but were unable to steal the victory. The Pioneers took two of the three doubles matches to claim the doubles point; Valerie Skhlover and Amy Yang dominated their match 6-0 before Sunday Swett and Sarah Cameron lost 6-1. In the decisive doubles match, Samantha Martinelli Elizabeth Zordani fought hard but fell 6-4 to end the doubles portion of the afternoon. 

Moving to singles, Zordani & Amy Yang both fell in straight sets, with Martinelli losing a roller coaster match. After losing the first set 6-0, she recovered to take the second 6-2. Then in a tight third set, things were close until 5-5, where O'Loughlin broke and consolidated to take the third set, 7-5, to seal the victory for the Pioneers. Valerie Skhlover was down a break in the third set of her match before it ended. Caroline Amos and Sunday Swett's matches also went unfinished. 

Later in the day, the Bulldogs played the University of Alabama-Birmingham, who lost to Wake Forest on Friday and Utah earlier in the day Saturday. The Bulldogs rolled to a 4-0 victory starting with a dominant showing in doubles. Martinelli & Zordani bounced back from the earlier loss to win 6-2, and Skhlover/Yang continued their hot play and won in 6-0 fashion for the second straight match. 

Martinelli, Yang and Zordani each had straight-set victories to kick off singles, ending the match and weekend for the Bulldogs. Cameron, Skhlover, and Swett each looked good before their matches concluded early. 

It was a busy and overall successful tournament for the Yale women's tennis team. They fared very well against No.5 Illinois, who went on to win the tournament, and looked great in a victory over UAB. They're back in action against Rutgers next weekend. 

FULL MATCH RESULTS – Denver 4, Yale 0


  1. O'Loughlin/Mok (D) def. Zordani/Martinelli (Y) 6-4
  2. Yang/Shklover (Y) def. Verdan-Anderson/Mboko (D) 6-0
  3. Riedmiller/Chang (D) def. Swett/Cameron (Y) 6-1


  1. O'Loughlin (D) def. Martinelli (Y) 6-0, 2-6, 7-5
  2. Shklover (Y) v. Mok (D) DNF 7-5, 4-6, 1-3
  3. Chang (D) def. Yang (Y) 6-0, 6-2
  4. Verdan-Anderson (D) def. Zordani (Y) 6-2, 6-1
  5. Ladhani (D) v. Caroline Amos (Y) DNF 3-3
  6. Swett (Y) v. Riedmiller (D) DNF 0-4




  1. Martinelli/Zordani (Y) def. Herrmann/Grzywocz (UAB) 6-2
  2. Shklover/Yang (Y) def. Hrabalova/Dodds (UAB) 6-0
  3. Shchipakina/Sisirak (UAB) def. Swett/Amos (Y) 6-4


  1. Martinelli (Y) def. Shchipakina (UAB) 6-2, 6-2
  2. Shklover (Y) v. Herrmann (UAB) DNF 6-2, 5-5
  3. Yang (Y) def. Bertrands (UAB) 6-0, 6-4
  4. Zordani (Y) def. Heckling (UAB) 6-3, 6-3
  5. Swett (Y) v. Hrabalova (UAB) DNF 6-2, 3-6, 0-1
  6. Cameron (Y) v. Sisirak (UAB) DNF 0-4